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Hotel Köln

Arrival via Car

Cologne can easily be reached by many Motorways. We recommend using the planner of www.google.de to reach your destination most comfortably.

Hotel Köln

Arrival via Train

From Cologne Main Station, you can reach our Hotel by following the "Probster Straße", changing right to the "Marzellenstraße" and turn left to the "Ursulastraße" at the crossroads. By now you should be able to see the "Star am Dom" on the right side of the street.

Hotel Köln

Arrival via Airplane

Starting at the airport Köln-Bonn you can reach our hotel via cab or via commuter railway system line S13 to Cologne central station. From here you can easily approach our hotel by foot, following the Probster Straße, taking a right into the Marzellenstraße and then changing your course to the left into the Ursulastraße. By now you can see our Hotel on the right side of the street.